About us

Imagine a place where you can accomplish all your business dreams. A place where you will create a flyer, brochure, poster or advertisement that will blow away your competition. A place where you will cover your vehicle or boat with the sticker into the craziest combination of your dreams. The place where you will get your logo that will be truly unique, and business cards remembered. A place where you can realize the ideas that are still unworkable today.

A place where your social networks will finally get the meaning. Or a place where we can think out something unexpected. The place where your word is important, and our realization is crucial. No, it's not a place from cartoons, although we also have fairies and wizards. Think, come and show us your idea, and we will offer something unique, fun, romantic, crazy or kitschy. Come to Clicker, a place where the magic never stops, and ideas do not fall from the sky.


  • content creation
  • social media
  • project management
  • visual identity
  • guerilla marketing
  • brand promotion
  • photo and video production
  • design
  • web pages